Among the Trees – Hayward Gallery

Despite various reviews and accolades from journals, friends and fellow artists I arrived at the exhibition with little idea of what to expect. Trees, I expected to see but I was not prepared for the impression and the after affect of the artwork that these pieces would impose on me. It was not only the … Continue reading Among the Trees – Hayward Gallery

… to another

The theories of Jane Bennett in Vibrant Matter: a Political Ecology of Things is still a guiding force in my work. But it has transformed from looking at the past present and future (which was my reaction to the pandemic) and is beginning to include the ideas of risk and control. Where do these ideas … Continue reading … to another

Summer 2020

A summer like no other. The highs and lows, beauty and ugliness, isolation and strengthened relationships, hope and fear of a pandemic. Exhibition, residency and sale of artwork success alongside the difficulty of creating in isolation and the realisation that work outside my art practise must be scaled up to keep me afloat. I am … Continue reading Summer 2020